Top 10 Electric Keyboards

Looking for the perfect electric keyboard can be quite challenging. With the many brands that are flooding the market, you will definitely not know if you’re pressing the right keys or not. To ease your confusion, though, here are the top 10 electric keyboards that you can choose from:

1. Roland V Synth GT Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

You may have to brace yourself on its price. Usually, its price never falls down below $1,000. Nevertheless, you can never discount its quality either. If you’re really up for high-quality electric keyboards, then this is your best bet. It comes with a USB port as well as hard drive memory so you can basically play the instrument together with your PC. It also works comfortably with MIDI files. Moreover, it has the capability of producing the most unique sounds because of its digital sampling option, complete with headphone jacks and a pedal.

2. Casio CTK710 61 Note Keyboard

If you’re on a tight budget, then the Casio CTK710 61 Note Keyboard is the one for you. You can even purchase one that’s below $100, if you simply know how to scour both offline and online music stores. They are normally battery operated and already have their own built-in songs. It’s also very light and is perfect for simple presentations that may require the use of keyboards. The downside is they don’t have any USB port, which means you may not be able to manipulate the sounds or tunes of your keyboards or create digital sounds.

3. Alesis QS8.2

This is a midrange brand. It can already mix different kinds of sounds, though they may not be as sharp as Roland V Synth GT. It’s already compatible with MIDI files, though. To fully maximize its use, pick the one that already has a USB port so you can use it with your PC.

4. Casio CDP100 88 Note Weighted Hammer Action Digital Piano

This is a cheap electric keyboard, costing only $400 to $700. It has 88 keys, which means you can come up with as many tunes as you can. It also has a grand-piano feel. It also possesses a sustain pedal, headphone, and a speaker system.

5. Simba Electric Keyboard

This may not be the ideal electric keyboard for those who are veterans, but this is perfect for individuals who are starting out. It has 32 keys, with 5 built-in demo songs. It can also produce 8 kinds of drum and rhythm sounds, as well as piano and guitar. However, you cannot operate this along with your computer as it doesn’t have its own USB port. It’s also unclear if it can also support MIDI files.

6. Roland Fantom X8 Keyboard

Because it’s Roland, you know that it’s superior quality. But what makes this one of the best electric keyboards is the fact that you can actually store your song lists and lyrics right into your keyboard. There’s no way you’ll have to carry around those music sheets wherever you go.

7. Yamaha Electric Keyboard PSR-260

Though this is considered to be Yamaha’s entry-level keyboard, it’s still garners the respect of great musicians out there. It’s portable and features 61 full-size keys. It also has a Yamaha Education Suite 2, which offers keyboard training lessons to the user. This way, you don’t have to spend too much time learning how to handle this instrument. Most of all, you can even create dance rhythms and voices.

8. Yamaha NP30

The Yamaha NP30 is another lightweight keyboard, which means it doesn’t have moving hammers. It possesses soft-touch keyboard, though, with varying resistance levels, depending on the range of the keyboard. It can also create digital sounds, courtesy of its two microphones and AWM stereo piano sample.

9. Alesis A6 Andromeda

It’s loaded with so many interesting features. First, it can have various keyboard modes as well as legato functions. It also includes a sequencer and 128 programs that are all user friendly. You an also insert a memory card into this keyboard so you can play around with your samples either in your PC or your keyboard.

10. Casio Privia PX310

This electric keyboard from Casio combines affordability, modernity, and compactness. It’s also very stylish, which fits our contemporary piano players. It also has possesses bass reflex system so you’ll be able to come up with sounds that have low frequency.