Top 10 Drums and Drum Sets

Percussion adds rhythm to music and life. It gives you the beat and the moves to simply let loose and appreciate the gift of the moment. With so many drums and drum sets, however, everything becomes a difficult challenge. Which one will you choose?

1. Ludwig LR1125RC Accent 5-Piece Combo Drum Kit

If you’re just learning the ropes of drumming, then this is the perfect drum set for you. For one, it’s relatively cheap, priced for as low as $350. Its snare is not as excellent as other sets of drums, but as a starter kit, it’s already real good. The drum set, moreover, includes shells made of juniper or mahogany and has double-braced stands. You may want to upgrade later on if you have already learned the basics.

2. Pearl FX726WB Forum 5-Piece Drum Kit

It doesn’t mean that since drums are usually located in the back, you can’t find that’s worth eye-catching. This drum set from Pearl defies that. It’s ultra-stylish, which makes you a certified head-banging drummer. Its components don’t break off easily. It also includes a set-up video, cymbals, and drumsticks, along with its hardware and, of course, drums.

3. Tama IS58C Imperialstar

Tama wouldn’t be one of the best brands for drums and drum sets for nothing. For example, Imperialstar boasts of numerous superb features, one which is the drum head. It’s made of mylar film from Dupont so it will be able to create strong and rich sound. It also gives the head its durability. There’s also no need for internal mufflings as there are already added to your bass drum heads. It’s one of the midrange drum kits too. Its standard retail price is $500.

4. Traps A400 Portable Acoustic Drum Kit

It may sound like any drum set, but what makes it one of the best is the fact that you can basically bring it anywhere with you: gigs, jamming sessions with friends, or music studios. You can set it up very quickly simply because you can fold the parts. Its snare too is popular for the crisp sound it produces.

5. Mapex MB5255A M Birch

The greatest edge of this drum set is in the M Birch. It’s a combination of birch plies and maple veneer applied on its exteriors, giving it its smooth and stylish finish. Moreover, it guarantees you one of the most ideal drum tones you’ve ever heard. It’s usually sold in 5 pieces, but because of its versatility, you can play it using 4 pieces only.

6. DDrum D2

If you’re trying to train your young son and even daughter to become a drummer, pick DDrum D2 for him or her. It produces superior-quality sound, and it’s very affordable. You can buy it at a price of $370. It has 9-ply shells made of mahogany, a double-braced hardware, and a wood snare.

7. Pacific Drums 805 Series

It got its look from the 805 series, complete with birch shell. It’s finished with lacquer, giving it a posh, glossy finish. You can also delight your eyes on three colors for your drum hardware. A purchase of the drum set, for $950, can also include a single pedal, snare stand, boom and straight stand, and a hi-hat.

8. Ludwig LC425GL

Though its tom mount can be quite tricky, this drum set from Ludwig is still one of the most sought after. Because its shells are made of birch, it can produce full and warm sounds, more so, if you’re going to add hydraulics from Evans in the drum’s toms. This is ideal for those who are already familiar with drum kits.

9. Sonor Force 3007

Sonor Force is for individuals who are playing the drums for passion and money. Its maple shells are made up of 9 layers, which allows for the production of warm and rich sound. It can also strike a balance in the treble and mid-range. Furthermore, it’s one of the drums that can help give emphasis to lower pitches.

10. Yamaha TC2FS50

Yamaha is one of the leading brands when it comes to drum sets. Its TC2FS50 makes use of an air seal system. It simply means that an air bag is added into the shell so it remains round for the entire life span of your drum.