Top 10 Bass Guitars

For a music lover, it’s very important to have the right instruments at hand. Actually, it’s more than just owning one piece of amazing equipment. What’s important is that you’re able to express your passion and love for sound and find fulfillment in what you are doing.

There are plenty of arguments regarding what the best guitars may be. But here are our choices of the top 10 bass guitars:

1. Fender Precision Bass

This is one of the highly sought bass guitars for so many years. It’s very simple, so using one doesn’t require too much bass guitar know-how. Even one pickup and one volume are already enough for P Bass. There aren’t many knobs that you have to adjust so you can get the right sound. Physically, its neck is usually made of maple while it has vintage-style bridge and standard machine head. The unique feature of P bass is definitely the knurled knobs made of chrome. Commonly, they’re priced around $425, and if you’re lucky, you can even get free shipping.

2. Fender Jazz Bass

This is another of the best bass models from Fender. The J-Bass, as it’s commonly called, is the second electric bass guitar. There are two factors that set this bass from P-bass. For one, it gives less importance on fundamental harmonic. Moreover, its tone sounds much richer and brighter. Those who make use of jazz bass are usually those who are engaged in a mix such as power trios. It has 4 strings, 2 pickups, as well as bridge tailpiece that is very easy to adjust. Its design is also classic—a combination of rosewood fingerboard and a neck made of maple. Its body is normally alder and is 34-inch in length. Classic Fender jazz basses are quite expensive, about $735.

3. Ken Smith

Are you in for real crazy hard-rock music? Then Ken Smith (with 6 strings) is the best choice for you. Its roundwounds are usually made of stainless steel, which gives your bass guitar smooth and stylish finish. It’s well-loved by musicians because of its flexibility. It has a winding length of 38 inches. You can better protect your guitar by making use of silk, which you can wrap around it.

4. Squier Bronco Bass

This is one of the easy-playing bass guitars available and is perfect for those who are only starting out playing or learning bass guitars. It’s also a small-scale bass guitar, around 30 inches. You won’t have any problem adjusting its tunes. Furthermore, because of its pickup composed of single coil, it produces rich and full sound. It possesses agathis body, maple C-shape neck, and die-cast tuner.

5. Ibanez 5-String Acoustic Bass Guitar

This acoustic bass guitar is an awesome sight. Made of mahogany, it embodies a perfect blend of modern and vintage style. However, it’s not only it looks that captures the fancy of bass guitar players. It contains an SST pre-amp, a pickup from Fishman Sonic, as well as onboard tuner. Together, they make this guitar truly versatile. It also contains a lower range through the addition of the B-string, also creating a fretless fingerboard.

6. Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass

Speak of Gibson, and you know you’ll never go wrong with your guitar, more so with your bass guitar. The Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass was launched in 1963 as part of the Firebird series. It was reissued in the 1980s, with a more sophisticated pickup and body. It also possesses a three-way adjustable tailpiece.

Its plating finish is black chrome while its knobs are black top hat complete with inserts. When it comes to control, it has 1 tone and 2 volumes. Because of its style, plus the brand and quality, its price is staggering $1,750.

7.  Ritters

Bass guitars from Ritters are one of the best made. They all feature bolt-on necks, which give them longer sustainability as well as better sound. There’s no need to break the oscillation between the guitar’s bridge and the nut. The downside is that they can be very expensive. In fact, they never settle below a thousand. What’s more, using bolt-on necks may be disadvantageous if you’re looking for a longer-lasting bass guitar since they appear to be less durable.

8. Stiletto Series

Bass guitars from Schecter is ideal for those who have more experience in handling such guitars as they can be pretty demanding with regards to car. They can be pricey too, falling along the upper midrange. The Stiletto series is the most popular, especially the one with 5 strings. It’s larger compared to other bases and has 24 frets. It also possesses a neck-through structure.

9. Daisy Rock Bass Guitar

This is ideal for women rockers out there. For one, it isn’t really heavy, so you don’t have to bear the burden of carrying it most of the time. It also has narrower necks so you won’t experience difficult time changing keys or even gripping your guitar. A good example is the Heartbreaker Bass, which features a maple neck, basswood body, and rosewood fingerboard.

10. H-25 and 27 Basses

Harmony is a vintage brand, and its guitars aren’t considered to be truly amazing. Nevertheless, playing and carrying them around is one of the coolest things you can do. The H-25 and H-27 types are preferred among other kinds of Harmony basses. They are very durable and are efficient in balancing sound. They’re also excellent if you’re going to play some jazz music.