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Start here in your search for a good deal on new and used musical instruments, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, drums and drum sets, keyboards, woodwind instruments and brass horns, and more.

Guitar brands include:

* Adamas * Ampeg * Applause * B.C. Rich * Behringer * Breedlove * Charvel * Cordoba * Daisy Rock * Danelectro * Dean * Epiphone * EVH * Fender * Gibson * Gibson Acoustic * Gibson Custom Shop * Gibson Memphis * Godin * Gretsch Guitars * Ibanez * Jackson * Jasmine by Takamine * Jose Ramirez * La Patrie * Laguna * Line 6 * Lucero * Luna * Martin * Michael Kelly * Mitchell * Music Man * OLP * Ovation * Parker * Parkwood * Paul Reed Smith * Peavey * Rainsong * Rodriguez * Schecter * Seagull * Squier * Tacoma * Takamine * Taylor * Traveler * Washburn * Wechter * Yamaha

Whether you are just getting started looking for your first guitar or drum set, or are a seasoned veteran musician looking to add to your collection of musical instruments, the fastest way to shop and compare is by going online. Many online guitar stores offer free shipping. There is also for bargains galore on all kinds of new and used music equipment.

A good guitar will last for many years and become like a best friend. That’s why quality is important. Modern manufacturing techniques have lowered the prices on guitars in recent years. There has never been a better time to buy a guitar. Modern technology has also brought us the electric percussion sets. Now you can play drums with headphones on and not worry about the neighbors complaining due to the loud music.












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